Late November

Purple moor grass, Molinia caerula subsp. arundinacea ‘Transparent’, creates a glorious golden "fountain" every autumn.
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Molinia caerula subsp. arundinacea ‘Transparent’ – purple moor grass


Viola walterii 'Silver Gem' grows along the boxwood hedge surrounding the Reflecting Pool Terrace.

Viola walterii 'Silver Gem'

Did you know that trees and shrubs develop flower buds in late summer and autumn for the next spring and summer? Robust rhododendron buds near the Garden of the Gods:

Rhodo bud

October 22, 2015

Liz Johnson, Greenwood Gardens' Executive Director, captured this photo of a beautiful, fall-flowering crocus. It can be found in the east end of the Reflecting Pool Garden, near the Austrian pine. Head of Horticulture, Sonia Uyterhoeven reports, "We have both Crocus speciosus and cultivar 'Conqueror' growing in that area. The cultivar is an inch or so taller than the species." (Click on the photo to view a larger version)

Crocus speciosus 'Conqueror'  FB