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April 2016

Week of April 18

The weather we experienced this past winter and early spring brought daffodils, tulips and other plants into flower much earlier than expected.

Large colonies of the sweet wildflower, Claytonia virginica, "spring beauties" in the Front Allée:

Spring beauties

Spring beauties close

Tulips in containers and garden beds (click on the collage to open a larger view):

Tulips -2


Tulipa 'White Bouquet' will produce several buds and flowers at a time.
A new bud is visible at the lower left in this photo.

Tulipa ‘White Bouquet’_02 post

 Tulipa greigii 'Red Riding Hood' has fascinating leaves:

Gregii tulip 'Red Riding Hood'

Narcissus/Daffodils (click on the collage to open a larger view):

DaffsBoth 'Toto' and 'Sweet Love' have wonderful perfume that can fill the air.

More photos of plants in bloom this week can be viewed by clicking on this link.